Double Party

The party at Bandera went great. We had downpour most of the morning so the guest list was about nine. But we had two booths so I was able to go back and forth and mingle with my revelers. The food was fantastic of course and the skillet of corn bread remains manna on par […]

Lisa Lopes Dead.

TLC members Lisa “Left-Eye” (she wore a eye-patch as a gimmick) Lopes died. The comments on Metafilter are hysterically crass: I blame poor depth perception. Was she leaning out of the passenger side of her best friend’s ride? Yeah, she was tryin’ to holler at me. And I want to know why they said she […]

Nutty weather.

Damn, I just missed South Park. I got stuck watching MTV’s tribue to Aerosmith and then before I knew it I was watching their update on Sex in the 90s Stayed home tonight. We took Karen to O’Hare this morning to see her fly out to San Diego – we watched as we got closer […]

Bowlin’ bowlin’ bowlin’

Had a truly wonderful day on Saturday. Met Stever downtown for lunch – he’s in town for a big gay MBA conference. I’d met him at the coaching conference last year and we’ve kept in touch – he’s very inspiring to me. Then I came home and cooked all of my food for the week… […]

Monster’s Ball

Ron and I went to go see Monster’s Ball last night. It was excellent. Very very affecting film. I haven’t shed a tear during a film in a long time – but I had a couple of tears during the story of a woman who falls in love with her ex-husbands corrections officer. Halle deserves […]


I made the mistake of taking double decongestants last night when I got home. I tis now 2:54 AM and I can’t get back to sleep. The weekend went well. The flight was fine. Holding your grandmother’s ancient hand and staring into her sky-blue timeless eyes seems to put everything into perspective.