My Buh-buh-buh-birthday!

It’s 1 am and the day of my birth brings the first sinus headache of the allergy season. Everything bloomed last week in the few days of warmth we’ve had and now I’m back to a sweatsuit to sleep in and stay warm. Ron took me to dinner tonight at Angelina’s – and I, as always – had the veal parmigiana and the chocolate bread pudding. He works tomorrow. We’re having the official friends dinner at Bandera on Saturday. Brigitte offered to take me to dinner tonight – and it seems the only place that I want to go is Boston Market. I’m crazy, I know.

Trying to imagine who I want to be in a year… and who I was last year. And how circumstances have changed but attitudes are slower to evolve. My throat hurts. Wah.






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  1. Dad Avatar

    happy birthday son……some day when father comes to visit you will realize the sweetness of that simple statement.You and your well being is very parmont to me. As you gallop toward 30 things get even clearer as to goals and accomplishments………enjoy the day and know that you are indeed a treasure……….love dad

    Andy, Happy Birthday!!! Keep going and let everything goes the way you want it to go. Let this year be better than all previous ones. Never forget about your nearest and dearest. Best wishes!!!

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