Double Party

The party at Bandera went great. We had downpour most of the morning so the guest list was about nine. But we had two booths so I was able to go back and forth and mingle with my revelers. The food was fantastic of course and the skillet of corn bread remains manna on par with Krispy Kremes. I was hooched up on decongestants so I was a little more animated than usual. Richard gave me a Sanrio frame and notepad – we always joke about how Hello Kitty he is… and Kevin got me a very nice scarf from the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was nice to see everybody and then we all leave and there’s no house to clean up.

Went to Todd’s birthday party last night and was the youngest one there. So funny. Todd recently quit his job-job and is now pursuing coaching full time and certification. They have a great house up near Glenwood and Devon. Got pretty soused with him and his friends which ended up with a surprise tour of his athletic shoe collection (he’s got a shoe fetish) and crank calls to Ron about why he wasn’t at the party. Ron gets a lot of flack from my friends whenever he doesn’t show up to functions – but I know he loves the attention. Todd and Michael had this awesome ‘waterworks’ bathroom with all of this exposed chrome piping – so cool – but then I kept thinking about how hard it must be to keep all of that chrome shiny. By the fourth vodka tonic, I’d been elected to finish the two Cosmopolitans sitting on the counter. Needless to say, I slept very well.

Workouts and diet are now switching from gaining to fat loss – so I’ll be jumping back into morning running and less bread (AIGH!).

I have this overwhelming urge to get a tattoo, a tan and a six-pack… have I just been watching Bowflex commercials too much? Am I just buying into externals? Or is it a way to show the changes I’m making on the inside? Or am I just too neurotic and need to do whatever I want and stop being so scared of everything?

This is the first birthday that I didn’t blow out a candle on a cake, I just realized that. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything… just notable that I didn’t have a large group serenading me. At the same time I was feeling miffed about my birthday on Tuesday and that it was just Brigitte and I for dinner… it seems that with my crowd part of how much you love somebody is how willing you are to be inconvenienced for their birthday parties… I don’t feel like enough people incovenienced themselves for me. Isn’t that selfish? Christ! But am I strong enough to point that high-powered perception at mself? Loot at myself and write down the truth. Or maybe I’m afraid to. Don’t know where that came from.

But the biggest question of all is: am I going to walk my ass in the rain to the grocery? Actually, it looks like it stopped raining now. I love Sundays. They are my favorite day of the week. Wide open schedule. Nothing you have to do.

I have certification for the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator in a couple of weeks at work so we’re having study groups – so funny to be ‘academic’ again. I eat this stuff up though. I think I’m going to try and predict the types of my friends and then get them to take the test and see if I’m accurate. I swear I think Ron is an ESTP – my polar opposite (my co-worker Mark is an ESTP). My sister and I are always the skeptics in any ‘new-age’ class. She can’t stand the fluffy fairy-talk in her massage training and I can’t keep my lunch when people talk about ‘magic’ in coach training. I’m always entertained by how practical I am in nearly everything. I have a distaste for excess or non-utility.

And re: the Catholic Church. It is a terrible shame what is going on right now. Because the spirituality – the basis of the beliefs are so inherently good (and seen in nearly every other world religion) but the doctrine and organization that is the Church is a diseased dinosaur. The complete lumping of homosexuality with pedaphilia is apalling – and the lack of looking at the age of the ‘victims’ – is this pedaphilia or seventeen-year-olds – it’s all put together in the same category (and homosexuality itself is not a sin – the Roman Catholic Church says that sexuality is inherent – god-given – but acting on it is a sin – and a whole ‘nother journal entry). And no one is talking about the female victims of these priests. Cardinal Law should be ousted. He’s a sex offender and the Church (and it’s local groups) have been complicit in moving around known sex offenders. That is such a load of complete shit what is going on right now. And it defames the men and women who bust their ass in missions and monasteries all over the world. Pedophilia is an endemic problem in this country and no one wants to talk about it because all of sudden you have to face the issue of when the parents are the perpetrators. And no one wants to go there.

My new hero is Greg Palast – the journalist that first reported how Bush and his friends excised thousands of voters from the Florida rosters – I put him in the same box as Bill Moyers. I think he replaces Michael Moore in my book. I feel like I need to be writing plays that are this explosive.

What are my goals for May?? Um…

  • Open up a new savings account with BankOne – move all but $1000 over to it and then re-allocate my direct deposit to put one-third in my checking, one-third to my savings and one-third to my credit cards. That should put me on track for a condo downpayment.
  • Finish Teddy’s site.
  • Get Marshon’s site mock-up up.
  • Get C_____ and G_____ to decide if they’re going to pay for my coach certification.
  • Visit home with Ron so mom and dad can meet him.
  • Get my free teleclass up and going.
  • Finish designing the pay teleclasses.
  • Get a massage.
  • Practice piano once a week.
  • Eat out much much much much less often.
  • Get my body fat percentage down.
  • More coming…






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