Scarcity and Struggle

I was doing work last night with Your Best Year Yet and was on question six or seven where you look at your own limiting beliefs and your excuses for not getting things done. The themes that emerged for me were ones of scarcity and struggle. That there is never enough time, money, energy or resources for my dreams and that things have to be difficult, hard and impeded at all times. You are then supposed to turn these beliefs around into a new paradigm for living… mine became something like I am inviting and enjoying effortless abundance. I gotta try that one on for a while. But the whole idea of struggle really hits the nail on the head – that because I set things up to be a huge challenge – they are. I think I’m also realizing this as I read a copy of the Tao de Ching I got last week (not a very good translation). Where do you predispose your self for struggle and drama – what if you just stopped it?






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  1. bw Avatar

    have you been inviting and enjoying effortless abundance? how’s it working out for you?

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