Bowlin' bowlin' bowlin'

Had a truly wonderful day on Saturday. Met Stever downtown for lunch – he’s in town for a big gay MBA conference. I’d met him at the coaching conference last year and we’ve kept in touch – he’s very inspiring to me. Then I came home and cooked all of my food for the week… then Chris (Karen’s ex) realized he wouldn’t get to see her for a long time so he booked an emergency flight from Atlanta to come see her – we all ate at Buca di Beppo and did quite well in not overloading. We got one entree, a salad and mashed taters – and even had room for some stupendous chocolate mousse pastry. Then we went bowling and retired to the bar for karaoke. Lingo did a whored-up version of Hit Me Baby One More Time and almost got molested by a drunken tubby with a harmonica. Ron showed up and bowled with us – he hadn’t bowled since he was 15 and won a game. I won a game too – it seems the less I focus the better I bowl. Then Ron, Lingo and I went to Roscoe’s and danced for a spell and then to Nookie’s for late night dinner and to bed at 5am. Slept in and worked out and then came home and went back to bed.

I’m going to miss the hell out of Karen. I’ve been near her for 10 years and it’s gonna be hard to adjust to not having her around all the time. But now I have an excuse to visit the west coast.

I got my first paid coaching client this week! Yay!






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