Nutty weather.

Damn, I just missed South Park. I got stuck watching MTV’s tribue to Aerosmith and then before I knew it I was watching their update on Sex in the 90s

Stayed home tonight. We took Karen to O’Hare this morning to see her fly out to San Diego – we watched as we got closer to the airport and Cressida’s doggy-drugs kicked in and she relaxed into puppy butter. Waited in line with Karen and then saw her off. She called us as we drove back into the city and she read the card we gave her in tears – of laughter, I think: we’d given her a card with a naked guy with a big erect penis on it. On the inside of the card Brig had written the word ‘penis’ about 50 times and then we left heartfelt tidings on the other side… I’d put in for a half day so I left work around 1 and went to see Ron before he left for work – ended up falling asleep at his place until about 6 or 7 and then got home. Came home and attacked my apartment which is a huge mess…

Does that new Shakira song remind anyone of Sarah Maclachlan (because of her yodel quality) or the Bangles’ song Eternal Flame? I always think of Debbie and Diana – the two twins I went to elementary and middloe school with who were more perfect than perfect and they sang that song for talent show. They were always so much better at everything than everyone else.

Sore throat today – I’m thinking from the weather changing and everything started blooming this week as well. We had highs of upper 70s at the beginning of this week and now it’s gonna be 40s – plus it’s starting to rain tonight… I’m sleepy again. Now I’m watching the end of Interview with the Vampire.






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