Lisa Lopes Dead.

TLC members Lisa “Left-Eye” (she wore a eye-patch as a gimmick) Lopes died. The comments on Metafilter are hysterically crass:

I blame poor depth perception.

Was she leaning out of the passenger side of her best friend’s ride?

Yeah, she was tryin’ to holler at me.

And I want to know why they said she died ‘tragically’.

GOD DAMMIT! if OurMedia? [bows head, makes sign of the dollar] says the terrorists are COWARDLY, and OurMedia? [genuflects, strikes wallet thrice] says Left Eye died TRAGICALLY, THEN THEY ARE AND SHE DID. PEOPLE!!! IT IS TIME TO STOP DISRESPECTING OURMEDIA? registered trademark, patents pending, contents may have settled during shipping, contains less than 4 insect parts per thousand, known as BestMedia? west of the rockies.

“Miss Lopes was admitted with what seemed to be serious but relatively survivable injuries following the accident,” said Dr. Hernando Florez of Our Lady of Divine Filtration Hospital in Tegucigalpa. “She refused medical treatment from the hospital staff, however, after repeatedly shouting ‘I don’t want no scrubs!’ during her time in the emergency room.”






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