Ted Haggard, Christian Evangelical Leader, Father of 5 and MegaChurch Millionaire Resigns Over Alleged of Sex with Gay Prostitute

Again – when someone is that obsessed with what you do with your genitals, it usually means that they have problems with what they do with their own.

Ted Haggard, one of the most prominent evangelical pastors in the nation, resigned today as president of the National Association of Evangelicals amid allegations that he carried on a three-year sexual relationship with a male prostitute.

This guy has weekly meeting with Mr. Bush.

And yes this is the crazy freakshow from Jesus Camp (which I still owe you a review of).

(rocking back and forth chanting, praying:) Come on James Dobson, come on James Dobson!



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3 responses to “Ted Haggard, Christian Evangelical Leader, Father of 5 and MegaChurch Millionaire Resigns Over Alleged of Sex with Gay Prostitute”

  1. Lyle Lachmuth - The Unsticking Coach Avatar

    Ah, yes!

    It’s that suppression thing…

    can’t fuck. Can’t masturbate. Can’t go down on your partner…

    Ya get the drift.


  2. AustinTX Avatar

    It seems like the White House has so many homosexuals inside it (heh) and doing regular business there now. Do you think this be a good time for The Gay Agenda to ask the prez to appoint an *official* liason to the Homosexual Community? 😉

  3. mikhail Avatar

    why are christians so obsessed with sex, gender and genitals.. it seems that blaming gays and lesbians is like almost a passtime and obsession for many christians. Don’t they ever worry about the real problems of the world, like hunger, poverty, war, disease , famine?

    The bible is replete with admonishment about the sins of heterosexuals..in fact in old testamental times fornication and adultery was punishable by death…maybe we should reinstitute the death penalty for straight adulterers and fornicators — hmmm stoning seems like an exciting sport – just ask the muslims where stoning of adulterers is still a rather exciting public entertainment ( i think i’m gonna throw up ).

    christians used to demonize jews for centuries as jesus-killers and this embolden many ordinary germans to persecute jews leading to the holocaust. Similarly centuries of demonizing and denigration of gays and lesbians and sexual minorities have embolden otherwise morally bankrupt heterosexuals to discriminate and do violence to sexual minorities. This has got to stop. Christians are deluding themselves, if they really want to obey Christ then love God with all yr heart and immediately love your neighbour as yourself ..be they gay or straight. If you cannot practise this most important of all the commandments then you have no business declaring yourself a christian irregardless of how big your church or your choir or your coffer may be !

    Oh..by the way Jesus said to the rich man..give up all your worldly goods and follow me! Did i hear any ‘christians’ dare to say AMEN LOL LOL LOL

    Mikhail – a child of the intelligent Universe

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