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  • Don't Call Women "Girls"

    “Shit like calling women girls pigeonholes grown women as all of the negative things society implies about very young women 24/7 – annoying, irrational, flighty, overly emotional.”

  • Chris Hedges Goes to a Porn Convention

    The interviewer asks what condition her vagina and anus will be after having sex with that many men. She speaks of her body parts in the third person: “They can take it. They want it. They like it. They go back to size after. Pussy’s tight. She always goes back to size.” The degradation she […]

  • Male Circumcision Reduces Female Pleasure

    From Dr, Dean Edell: A New Zealand study found that reduced female arousal and fewer female orgasms may be linked to women having sex with circumcised male partners. Women reported they were about twice as likely to experience orgasm if their male partner had a foreskin. Nine out of ten women prefer having sex with […]

  • Folsom Street Fair 2008

    Alrighty it is time to write a blog post. I’ve been particularly negligent of my writing since we moved to San Francisco but have been trying to not guilt myself too much about that. But eventually you feel the anti-creative plaque hardening in my writing arteries and know that you have to gobble some mental […]

  • Transgender Man Becomes Pregnant

    Thomas Beatie is was born a woman, but is now legally a married man. But his wife was not able to conceive so he discontinued his hormone treatments in order for them to have a child: Wanting to have a biological child is neither a male nor female desire, but a human desire. Doctors have […]

  • Should Spitzer Resign?

    They’re talking impeachment? Fucking impeaching of a state governor for seeing a sex worker? That’s as stupid as impeaching somebody for lying about a blowjob. Oh wait. If he used tax-payer money to see the whores, then yeah that is a problem of integrity and that should be exposed. But a politican seeing a prostitute […]

  • Survey Says: 'Andy's are 8th Most Hung

    A survey conducted captured the perceived hung-ness of various men’s names. Girls were asked to list the monikers which sounded most — and least — likely to belong to a well-packaged man. BIG NAMES: 1 Dave; 2 Paul; 3 Steve; 4 James; 5 Mark; 6 Robert; 7 Chris; 8 Andy; 9 Richard; 10 Dan. [Go […]

  • Tyra's Vah-Jay-Jay

    I find it crazy that the only place you’re going to learn about the anatomy of a woman on television to be the Tyra Banks show. [youtube]c39sirXOad4[/youtube]

  • Chimera Twins: 2 Sperm, 1 Egg

    Ron and I had it out a few weeks ago after a tense Nova special about twins if it was possible for 2 sperm to fertilize one egg (yes, we fight about Nova – sometimes I think the things we argue about are luxuries compared to what other couples argue over). Ron took it a […]

  • Are All Republicans Really Gay?

    Another week, another Republican asshole caught in flagrante delicto with a man, baby. This time WA State Rep Richard Curtis who assures he’s not gay when he caught paying $1K for bareback buttsex with a male prostitute dressed in woman’s lingerie. Curtis is married with children — and votes conservatively. He has voted against a […]