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  • How Lesbians Cared For And Fought For Gay Men During the AIDS Crisis

    “These women walked directly into the fire and through it, and they did not have to.”

  • Folsom Street Fair 2008

    Alrighty it is time to write a blog post. I’ve been particularly negligent of my writing since we moved to San Francisco but have been trying to not guilt myself too much about that. But eventually you feel the anti-creative plaque hardening in my writing arteries and know that you have to gobble some mental […]

  • Walter Koenig to be George Takei's Best Man, Nichelle Nichols as Matron of Honor

    Every trekkie’s head just exploded: The 71-year-old star, known for his role as Sulu in the 1960s sci-fi series, will wed partner Brad Altman this summer, after California state authorities lifted the ban on same-sex marriage last month. Takei will marry his partner of 20 years on September 14 and has invited his former castmates to the […]

  • CA Supreme Court Overturns Same-Sex Marriage Ban

    "The California Supreme Court has overturned a gay marriage ban in a ruling that would make the nation’s largest state the second one to allow gay and lesbian weddings. The justices’ 4-3 decision Thursday says domestic partnerships are not a good enough substitute for marriage. Chief Justice Ron George wrote the opinion." (PDF of the […]

  • Transgender Man Becomes Pregnant

    Thomas Beatie is was born a woman, but is now legally a married man. But his wife was not able to conceive so he discontinued his hormone treatments in order for them to have a child: Wanting to have a biological child is neither a male nor female desire, but a human desire. Doctors have […]

  • Hot Disney Muscle by David Kawena

    Illustrator David Kawena has remixed popular male characters from Disney movies with a decidedly sensual point of view. Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty’s prince, Tarzan, John Smith from Pocahantas… even surfer David from Lilo and Stitch. Full gallery at Deviant Art.

  • Gayest. IM. Evar.

    Andy: oh oh – the Junior Vasquez remix of [Britney Spears song] Piece of Me is quite good (pause) Sam: andy that is quite possibly the gayest thing you’ve ever said to me andy: Could be. gayer: I bought it on iTUnes. Sam: hahaha Andy: gayer: I listened to it at the gym. (pause) Andy: […]

  • Are All Republicans Really Gay?

    Another week, another Republican asshole caught in flagrante delicto with a man, baby. This time WA State Rep Richard Curtis who assures he’s not gay when he caught paying $1K for bareback buttsex with a male prostitute dressed in woman’s lingerie. Curtis is married with children — and votes conservatively. He has voted against a […]

  • McCain's Adultery Compared to His Gay Marriage Stance

    As usual, Greenwald lays it out: McCain on same-sex marriage: John McCain also entered the fray last night, calling the decision “a loss for the traditional family,” and noting that he supports “the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.” Then: McCain was still married and living with his wife in […]

  • Iowa Halts Same-Sex Marriage

    1 couple made it through.