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  • How many soldiers know you have that magnet on your car?

    I am so fucking sick and tired of seeing those yellow magnet ribbons saying “Support Our Troops” on people’s cars!!! I am not saying that we shouldn’t support our troops. No one deserves to die in an unjust, uncalled for, ridiculous war. But my question remains, how many soldiers actually know you are supporting them […]

  • Proud to Be an Ohioan…well sort of

    In 2001 when I heard a Congressman from Ohio had wasted time and taxpayer money to change the name of French Fries (a misnomer anyway) to Freedom Fries (it almost makes me throw up just to type that), I called my mother and told her I would never admit any relation to Ohio ever again. […]

  • REAL ID for Homeland Insecurity

    The topic of the Diane Rehm’s Show today (I am a total NPR junkie) was the new ID proposal Congress is trying to sneak through on the back of a war funding bill. From my understanding (and I was driving so I couldn’t take copious notes), they want to make sure that illegal immigrants cannot […]

  • Ohio Bill Limit Abortion Coverage

    From the Dayton Daily News 5.3.05: COLUMBUS | Publicly owned hospitals and clinics in Ohio would be prohibited from performing abortions or dispensing the abortion pill RU-486 except to save the life of the mother, under legislation supported by Ohio Right to Life. The bill, expected to be introduced today by Rep. Michelle Schneider, R-Cincinnati, […]

  • Plus or Minus

    After a recent pregnancy scare, or as I like to think of it a terroist threat to my uterus (red alert), I started to ponder whether your parenting skills can be determined as far back as the pregnancy test you choose. I stood in the “pregnancy test aisle” at my local Meijer (typical mid-West, big […]


    I know I didn’t just wake up this morning and realize that I am not where I would like to be in my life. But my real question is “how did I get here?” How did I get to the point where I sit at home on Friday evenings and drink a half bottle of […]


    I find one of the best ways to really absorb the culture of a city is to ask the locals what they think. It has worked for me in Europe, so why not Portland, Oregon? Because of Shiz-Net that is why! While my husband was trying on pants in a vintage/gently used clothing store, I […]