Proud to Be an Ohioan…well sort of

In 2001 when I heard a Congressman from Ohio had wasted time and taxpayer money to change the name of French Fries (a misnomer anyway) to Freedom Fries (it almost makes me throw up just to type that), I called my mother and told her I would never admit any relation to Ohio ever again. Today that changed. Rather than just blindly recommending Bush’s choice of John Bolton as UN Ambassador because his party nominated him, George Voinovich spoke out against Bolton’s questionable behavior. Not once, but twice. Bravo Voinovich for going with your gut feeling rather than being bullied by partisian politics. Sure, I didn’t vote for you. I voted for Eric Fingerhut the Democratic candidate. But George, by golly, you have restored my faith in politicians with a conscience. OK, that’s pushing it a little. But if readers would like to give Voinovich the thumbs up for speaking from the gut (and doing it twice) here is the contact info from his website.






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  1. Gigamatt Avatar

    Wow. Voinovich grew some? He’s not my favorite, by any means, mainly for the crap he pulled with the environment (and his brother) while governor, but then I can’t name any politicians from Ohio that I -do- like. (Especially Bob “Freedom Fries” Ney.)

    I remember laughing at Fingerhut’s chant at the Kerry rally at OSU: “Finger-HUT! Finger-HUT! Finger-HUT!” and thinking “I’ve got to vote for this shmuck over Voinovich?”

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