Ohio Bill Limit Abortion Coverage

From the Dayton Daily News 5.3.05:

COLUMBUS | Publicly owned hospitals and clinics in Ohio would be prohibited from performing abortions or dispensing the abortion pill RU-486 except to save the life of the mother, under legislation supported by Ohio Right to Life. The bill, expected to be introduced today by Rep. Michelle
Schneider, R-Cincinnati, would also ban local governments from using public money to cover abortions for workers and their family members through employee insurance policies, except to save the life of the mother. “The intent is that taxpayers who are very opposed to that aren’t paying for someone’s abortion,” said Denise Mackura, executive director of Ohio Right to Life.

My question is, how many children have Ms. Schneider and Ms. Mackura adopted? Of the 50 supporters of the bill in the Ohio House of Representatives (as quoted in the article), how many have cut welfare payments for single mothers or sponsored bills that cut the Student Aid for struggling young families? How many have sponsored bills to change sexual education programs in Ohio to be “abstinence-only”? Don’t people realize that abortions are up in the US since Bush took office? Rather than starting to deny women a right guaranteed them by the constitution, why aren’t we teaching them how to prevent the pregnancies in the first place.







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  1. Gigamatt Avatar

    Lingo, I love your posts, and I’m glad Andy took you on board. I dont rant enough about local politics, but I’m glad to see someone who does. Keep it up.

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