How many soldiers know you have that magnet on your car?

I am so fucking sick and tired of seeing those yellow magnet ribbons saying “Support Our Troops” on people’s cars!!! I am not saying that we shouldn’t support our troops. No one deserves to die in an unjust, uncalled for, ridiculous war. But my question remains, how many soldiers actually know you are supporting them by having ribbons on your car? Do you send pictures one you apply the ribbon? And it’s a magnet! People can’t even commit to a sticker, which would be more effort to remove.

If we do some quick math, say there are 2 million ,a gross underestimate, of these stupid ribbons around the country (I saw a car with 5 across the back of a pickup the other day.) If people paid just $3 each (and I have seen stands where they sell for $5 and up), that is $6 million!!!! Six million dollars! This while our soldiers don’t have body armor or armored vehicles. Six million dollars–and that’s a low ball estimate.

I have decided that I am going to print out little notes to put on peoples cars that have these magnet ribbons. They will say “The troops can’t see your ribbons. But if you would really like to support our troops, check out these websites for places to send letter and care packages.” We’ll see how many Americans really support our troops. My guess is that it is the typical American “look at me how patriotic I am” bullshit. Heaven forbid we have to expend much energy to help someone.

By the way, here are some links to websites if you would like to send a letter or care package to a soldier. or Better yet, send the websites to your Republican buddy or family member (come on, we all have one somewhere) with a Support Our Troops magnet ribbon on their bumper.



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7 responses to “How many soldiers know you have that magnet on your car?”

  1. Aaron Avatar

    I hate those damn stickers too, however they are leading to a great prank. I have “collected” 86 of those ribbons, as soon as my number reaches 100, I will stealthily sneak over to my friends house and leave them all over his car one night. He was already the recipient of abot 30 pro Bush signs during the election, but he never knew it was me.

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