On Marriage and Long-Term Relationships

“If I got the chance to create a spouse in a computer program, I wouldn’t have created a woman like my wife. I would have done what most people would probably do, and tried to create someone with whom there would be no friction. While you need to find someone you’re compatible with, you don’t need to find someone exactly like yourself. A lot of growth will come from the disagreements you have, and maturity will come from the healthy resolution of those disagreements. It’s the rough waters of the river that turn a rough rock into a smooth, shiny stone. We’re not as young as we were, and are bodies are a bit softer. There isn’t the same burning passion, but there is something, and I’d say it’s something stronger than passion. Relationships are like a forged blade. At first, the fire burns red hot, and everyone around can see and feel the heat. People are envious of that heat, but the truth is, a blade must be cooled and tempered to reach its full strength. The tough times in a relationship are the waters that strengthen the blade. Our blade needs polished from time to time, and at a glance, it’s nowhere near as impressive as your red hot blade, but it’s so strong, it could probably cut through stone.”

Photo from Daily Mail: America’s longest married couple prepare for 81st wedding anniversary





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