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  • On Marriage and Long-Term Relationships

    “It’s nowhere near as impressive as your red hot blade, but it’s so strong, it could probably cut through stone.”

  • A Marriage Is Like an Ikea Kitchen

    “A marriage is like an IKEA kitchen. Bear with me. You fall in love with the showroom display. You put down your money and you get it home and there it is. Completely disassembled. Except that you didn’t get the instruction manual, though you kind of have an idea of how it should go because […]

  • Nail That to Your Bedpost

    “‘I seem to have fallen in love with someone else. I’m moving out.’ … Finally, she agreed to meet me in a pub in the West End. A bustling, crowded, very public place. I suppose we both thought that would help reduce the possibility of unseemly emotional scenes – not that she was really given […]