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  • On Marriage and Long-Term Relationships

    “It’s nowhere near as impressive as your red hot blade, but it’s so strong, it could probably cut through stone.”

  • Walking Away

    “This is how drama keeps you engaged; it makes you believe that if you just think about it enough, you’ll unravel the mystery and be able to find the magic words/gestures/actions to enable the other person resolve their issues and love you (out of gratitude and admiration) in return. …┬áThis is all bullshit. It is […]

  • Nail That to Your Bedpost

    “‘I seem to have fallen in love with someone else. I’m moving out.’ … Finally, she agreed to meet me in a pub in the West End. A bustling, crowded, very public place. I suppose we both thought that would help reduce the possibility of unseemly emotional scenes – not that she was really given […]