Eating Out 2

Eating Out 2-2

Eating Out 2 is about as funny as the first movie which is to say in fits and starts. The movie does retain the erotic malleability of the first movie and introduces us to Marco Dapper, one of the handsomest and hunkiest guys to appear in a gay-themed film in a long time. Where the first movie had the straight guy pretend to be gay to befriend the gay best friend of the straight girl he was after, the second movie has a gay guy pretend to be straight (ex-gay Christian) in order to get close to the questioning possibly bisexual guy. For wanting to be as pansexual as possible, the film trots out lots of hot ripped manflesh but not much womanflesh. The straight encounters are not nearly as erotic as the gay ones – I think it would have been much more rewarding if all of the sex in the movie was hot and crazy. Anyway, wait for the DVD unless you want a nice few hours of hunky men on screen that you can probably find if you Google ‘Marco Dapper’.



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