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  • Shohreh Aghdashloo

    Oh and I think I want Shohreh Aghdashloo in every movie I watch from now on. She plays the Iraqi soccer mom in American Dreamz. But you’ll also recognize her as the severe doctor from X-Men 3. But even better, you’ll know her sexy purr as Dina Araz from Season 4 of 24. Shohreh played […]

  • American Dreamz

    Is everyone in American a self-absorbed back-stabbing asshole? That is pretty much the thesis of American Dreamz, a American Idol spoof with Mandy Moore, Hugh Grant, Dennis Quaid, Chris Klein and Marcia Gay Harden (doing a fantastic Laura Bush-inspired First Lady). I have a suspicion that American Dreamz was toned down. There is a ton […]

  • Superman Returns

    Superman Returns is a valiant effort. But Brandon Routh lacks the charm of Christopher Reeve. Reeve’s Clark Kent was always a big dork but had an underlying charm that Raimi didn’t evoke out of Routh. Spacey is great as Lex Luthor and Parker Posey is fun as his henchwoman, Kitty. I think Parker Posey should […]

  • Eating Out 2

    Eating Out 2 is about as funny as the first movie which is to say in fits and starts. The movie does retain the erotic malleability of the first movie and introduces us to Marco Dapper, one of the handsomest and hunkiest guys to appear in a gay-themed film in a long time. Where the […]

  • Fast Food Nation (film)

    And it is Sunday. Ron and I went to see Fast Food Nation yesterday. We had both absolutely loved the book and I was curious to see how they adapted a non-fiction book into a feature film. The movie wasn’t what I wanted it to be but it was still pretty good. A talented cast […]

  • All. Simpsons Epsiodes. Ever.

    <nelson>Hah-hah! I just blew away your afternoon:</nelson>

  • Disney/ABC Screens 9/11 Propaganda ‘Documentary' to Right-Wing Bloggers Only

    Fantastic: On September 1, it became evident that ABC had offered previews of “The Path to 9/11” to right-wing bloggers and media personalities, like Rush Limbaugh, and to mainstream media outlets. When it was confirmed that no advance information had been sent to progressive and liberal bloggers and media, an effort was launched to discover […]

  • Nip/Tuck

    I’ve been catching episodes of Nip/Tuck off and on all summer as they replay the past three seasons. There is something so lurid and horny about the whole show that I enjoy. It isn’t really violent as far as lots of people getting killed – but the fusion of plastic surgery, vanity, pretty people, ugly […]

  • Silent Hill (film)

    Silent Hill is fantastic for the atmosphere and visuals. But when based on a video game where a character runs around looking for someone the movie is reduced to pretty much a character running around looking for someone. I mostly wanted to see it because I’d heard that all the creatures were dancers and acrobats […]

  • The Descent (2006)

    There need to be more horror movies with an all-female cast. It divorces a film of all the cultural gender baggage and sex roles and tropes that we’ve become accustomed to in horror films. There’s no ‘pretty girl’ trying to be impressed or ‘virgin girl’ to survive. There’s no reason to explain why these girls […]