Walking Away

“This is how drama keeps you engaged; it makes you believe that if you just think about it enough, you’ll unravel the mystery and be able to find the magic words/gestures/actions to enable the other person resolve their issues and love you (out of gratitude and admiration) in return. … This is all bullshit. It is shit that comes out of a bull. Every time. There’s never any reward in this game. It was never going to be awesome. You were never going to be able to fix him. This is not due to some flaw on your part, but due to some damage on his part that you did not cause and that you cannot cure. … People can literally waste their lives on this sort of dysfunction. Believe me: walking away from it will be the greatest gift you can give yourself.”

My first heartbreak and confusion is keeping me from moving on – relationships breakup | Ask MetaFilter.





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