San Diego Diocese Blocks Funeral of Gay Nightclub Owner

But all convicted pedophiliac priests and corporate criminals are first-come, first-serve:

The owner of a popular local nightclub with a gay clientele can’t have a funeral in the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego because the church has deemed his business “inconsistent with Catholic moral teaching.”

None of the 98 Catholic churches in San Diego or Imperial counties will be allowed to provide services for Club Montage owner John McCusker as a result of the decision by San Diego Bishop Robert Brom. McCusker, 31, died Sunday of congestive heart failure while vacationing in Mammoth, his family said. The bishop made the decision three days later after learning that McCusker’s family planned to hold his funeral at the Immaculata Catholic Church on the campus of the University of San Diego, where McCusker went to school.

America Blog adds detail (Thanks, Greg!):

The Bishop settled a sexual abuse lawsuit for $100,000, while claiming that an investigation proved his innocence. Yet, rather than use that rock-solid evidence to prove his innocence and clear his good name, and the good names of other high-ranking clergy, he and the other clergy chose to pay off the young man who accused them of forcing him to have sex with them. Yes, young man.







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  1. steve chapman Avatar
    steve chapman

    Arrogance run a muck. The Church contains to show itself to be irrelevant when it comes to the world we live in. I am not looking for them to throw out 2000 years of teaching but just be consistent. There were plenty of Church approved funerals of Mob Bosses, whiskey runners and others during the early twenties when the gangsters were killing each other. Those funerals were held in and sanctioned by the Church.

    It appears that the words of Christ don’t matter to the Church. We have a responsibility to love our neighbors. Ease the burden of those who are grieving. Well if the Catholic Church won’t be “bothered” with loving and caring maybe we need to do it for each other.

  2. Mark Ness Avatar
    Mark Ness

    John died of a drug overdose, not congestive heart failure. Anyone in the ‘industry’ knows what really happened here.

    While I don’t agree with the Diocese in this case, the guy got what was coming.

  3. Some Guy Avatar
    Some Guy

    He did drugs, therefore he deserved to die? You must be a Christian.

  4. Moby Avatar

    Mark Ness, it seems interesting that you are so willing to write someone off as deserving of death due to a human frailty. Never having done a single drug in my life, I still would never assume someone is of less worth simply because he has a bad habit.

    The same comments are often made about gays. Maybe, every once in a while you should actually think before you open your pie hole. hmmm?

  5. Brad Avatar

    According to his obit… “John McCusker’s exemplary and superlative community service included his involvement with the AIDS charities and the Harvey Milk/Tom Homman Student Scholarship. He enhanced his professional skills and services with significant and commendable community endeavors, including his work with the Polinsky Center, Voter Registration, and a $50,000 donation to the Gay/Lesbian Community Center… San Diego County Board of Supervisors along with the City of San Diego officially named August 27, 1999 “John McCusker Day” for his outstanding service, leadership and commitment to the county of San Diego.”

    What has Mark Ness done?

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