Pope John Paul II Quotes

One of the best things the Pope ever said:

Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very, very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence.

One of the worst things the Pope ever said:

Allowing children to be adopted by persons living in such [same-sex] unions would actually mean doing violence to these children, in the sense that their condition of dependency would be used to place them in an environment that is not conducive to their full human development. This is gravely immoral.


I told a guy at the cafe today that I want to go like the Pope – I want to have lived so fully and done so much that I am left a burnt out husk that is ready for traveling to the next land. I want to have impacted those around me in fundamental and profound ways.

Wonder who is next for the deathwatch parade, eh?



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  1. homer Avatar

    Prince Rainier is about to go…

  2. francis s. Avatar

    I have trouble seeing anything positive about him, actually. The more I think about all the deadly nonsense the Catholic Church stands for these days – anti-birth control including live-saving condoms, gays deserving violence, repression of women, not to mention the whole pedophile thing – the more angry I get.

  3. Matt H Avatar
    Matt H

    The catholic church believes that sex is for reproduction, so it would not be able to believe in such a policy while advocating contraception. Homosexuality is assumed by the church to be unnatural and a conscious decision which it sees as unacceptable for a variety of reasons. People are becoming so whiny and sensitive to every little thing that bothers them. Some of the church’s policies might change in the future, but you cannot dispute the fact that Pope John Paul II was one of the greatest pursuants of world peace ever to walk the Earth, a point agreed upon by those of all faiths and creeds around the world. The church is run by the word of God in the Bible and tradition. Gay marriage will never be advocated and tradition is holding priest back from marrying and more women being involved in the priesthood, things which may change. You are free to feel however you want, but saying you can’t see anything positive about him is an ignorant statement driven by a hatred of general church policies whereas he is simply the figurehead of a church of people who feel strongly about their convictions and those of the Catholic Church.

  4. palochi Avatar

    What needs to be kept in perspective is that the Catholic Church is a 2,000 year old male-dominated bureaucracy. Change within the CC is something that comes in very small actions over a period of decades or even centuries, not years. The Vatican doesn’t have policies, it has doctrine. Modern society expects change to come quickly through governmental policies and expects The Vatican to follow suit. It doesn’t work that way with the CC, nor does it with doctrine.

    In perspective with everything the CC has been involved with over the millenia, gay rights issues are too recent of a cultural and dogmatic influence to make any reasonable impact. It’s not an issue of hatred, it’s an issue of continuity and tradition.

    As for the sex issue, if you do any research on the CC you’ll find the roots of this dysfunction is sociological, not spiritual. The early church struggled with women’s roles in the area of administering rites and communion. It was considered by many cultures to be inappropriate for a woman to perform these roles. Unfortunately, we have no written history which explains what the roots of this problem are. Most documentation, if there was any, was probably deemed blasphemous and most likely either destroyed or hidden somewhere by the authors in fear of retribution. It’s my personal belief that the “sexual dysfunction” is rooted somewhere in this early history.

    However, disagreement with the current issues and history aside, if an organization survives for two millenia with over a billion followers, they must be doing something right.

  5. David Avatar

    1 billion followers that don’t follow his word at all. Okay maybe .05%. Catholics are the worse hypocrites. At least you know what to expect out of a fundamentalist.

  6. honey Avatar

    u guys are so mean!the pope loved evrywun even non-catholic ppl.pls pay more respect for the holy father…thank u & god bless.

  7. Jimmy Avatar

    Im a catholic and follower of the holy father. I have to admit I didnt agree on all his standpoints but at least he stood for something and stood firm to it. Many people can talk bad about the Catholic Church but that’s what you believe. So if you believe in things why can’t the pope. Thank you and RIP Pope John Paul II

  8. John Avatar

    The Catholic Church was instituted by Jesus and was assured the protection of the Holy Spirit. Peter held the keys to the kingdom…the kingdom of which hell will not prevail. These “keys” are now in the hands of Pope Benedict XVI, he will continue to guide the church faithfully.

  9. Gabby Avatar

    I believe that Pope John Paul II was a great and valient worrier in God’s fight. The greatest thing that this man said was “Be not afraid.” For he knew that there are and will be to come many oppositions to the Catholic religion and view of life. He fought for what Christ wants of the world. Who are we as mere mudd and really insignificant junk if we were to view ourselves as we are in comparison to God, to think that we know better than God. Who are we to take what has been prayed about and excepted as true by many for over 2000 years consider that we know better and must created our own interpretation of God’s law. We are nothing. We must listen to God not ourselves! Honestly, if we are listening to ourselves then we are listening to the devil inside of us, who tricked are first parents the same way. Sadly to say most of us are still like them in respects that we want to be like God’s. Deciding when we will get pregnant, when we don’t want a baby, or when we want to die shows that we want to be like God which is impossible. But, if we were like Christ we would accept all people, value human life, and peace would reign. But since we are to blinded to see that we ourselves only raise these arguments about same-sex marriage being just and birth-control being honorable because we want to challenge God. We want to govern ourselves which will only bring destruction. God is the ONLY One that knows what is best for us. We must pray for the world and its present trend to immorality and we must pray that the world will value human life, morality, a spritual life, and most importantly a greater relationship with Christ!

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