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  • Chinese Earthquake Comics

    Shattering set of manga comics about the Chinese earthquake. Artist Coco Wang writes: I have been crying my eyes out in the past three days, I have never felt more proud of my country and people… their love, courage and kindness rock me to my core! I have decided to tell these touching stories by […]

  • 2 1/2 Years Later: Some Katrina Survivors Still Living Off Government

    I can understand the government providing assistance for maybe six months. I don’t understand waiting around for a miracle. Yes, Katrina was awful. The government response before, during and after was a fucking nightmare. You have no right to live where you used to live. I know that sounds heartless but it is true. Displacement […]

  • Madonna's Racist Adoptions

    Analysis on the Vanity Fair article about Madonna from Spiked editor Brendon O’Neill: Madonna is gushing about her adopted son and everything that he ‘represents”. And what is that, exactly? Cohen explains: baby David is a ‘living totem of life as it was lived before machines”. In other words, he’s a simple, wide–eyed, primitive being […]

  • No Autopsy on Bhutto's Body

    That’ll put to rest all questions: … Bhutto was not killed by gunshots, as had been widely reported, and doctors at Rawalpindi General Hospital, where she died, say there were no bullet marks on the former … Perhaps more shockingly, an attendee at the rally where Bhutto was killed says police charged with protecting her […]

  • Meet Your New Nazi

    Catching up on the news: Mulkasey got through. After much raging. The Democrats finally drop telecom immunity from the bill. Fucking idiots. It should have been ‘off the table’ from the beginning. Colorado Supreme Court affirms fertilized egg as person: “In a terse 7-0 decision today, the Colorado Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the […]

  • Condi Rice Puts the Proles in Their Place

    “Coit Blacker, a Stanford professor who is one of the secretary of state’s closest friends, recalls going into a shop where Rice asked to see earrings. The clerk showed her costume jewelry. Rice asked to see something nicer, prompting the clerk to whisper some sass under her breath. Blacker remembers Rice tearing the woman to […]

  • Paris Hilton Sentence Halved Due to Being Rich, White

    Actually good behavior: The hotel heiress will spend about 23 days in a “special needs housing unit” at the Century Regional Detention Center in suburban Lynwood, Los Angeles County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said. Her sentence was shortened after jail officials gave her credit for good behavior, Whitmore said.

  • Chinese Translation of Couch Packaging Labels Results in Racial Slur

    Furniture that oppresses: When the new chocolate-coloured sofa set was delivered to her Brampton home, Doris Moore was stunned to see packing labels describing the shade as “N*gger-brown.” … [The furniture supplier] passed the blame to a Chinese company, but apologized for the labels. He said he would contact the furniture maker in Guangzhou and […]

  • Women Who Encouraged Toddler Bumfight Escape Jail Sentences

    Nice to see the UK keeping up: Four “callous” women who forced a pair of toddlers into fighting and filmed them as they punched each other today escaped jail sentences. The women, all from the same Plymouth family, goaded the boy and girl into hitting each other until they cried, and called the boy a […]

  • VTech Shooter Bought Gun Online

    Did anyone else’s mouth fall open when AC360 used the phrase ‘online gun store’?