How Homophobia Creates Homosexuality

Work with me:

1. Cultures and societies that persecute homosexuality exert pressure on homosexuals to remain closeted and lead normal lives.
2. Their efforts to appear normal include getting married and having children.
3. Genes/dispositions/influences for homosexuality spread further down the family tree.

Summarized from this comment:

Namely, that societies with more tolerant views toward gays may indeed end up having less of them, as gays will not be under social pressure to reproduce.


It seems to me that cultures which mandate reproduction and persecute homosexuality will have higher numbers of homosexuals if it is genuinely genetic, because in those societies homosexuals will be more likely to marry the opposite sex and reproduce, in order to avoid identification and persecution.


The researchers discovered that women tend to have more children when they inherit the same – as yet unidentified – genetic factors linked to homosexuality in men. This fertility boost more than compensates for the lack of offspring fathered by gay men, and keeps the “gay” genetic factors in circulation.


I always felt that it made sense for social mammals to have homosexuality because it would take one or more males out of the always fierce competition for stud rights and pack dominance and the “gay uncle” phenomenon (seriously) within packs would mean more males spending their time protecting young and working to find water and food.

This seems like the most sensible explanation for male homosexuality in the social mammals. The fewer men spending time breeding/competing, the more men there are to protect, care, forage and hunt.

Not sure how this applies to female homosexuality – though sex between two women seems like it would be good for tribe cohesion just like it is for sex between two men.

At the same time, to frame these issues in gay/straight dichotomy instead of a broad continuum of sexual preference, attraction, activity and the simple fact that humans will mash their genitals together whenever, whatever in any permutation you can imagine – there’s a reason we have endorphins.

So once homosexual men and women are completely accepted as total and equal members of societies, there won’t be any more passing along of those genes and genes/dispositions will be bred out of the gene pool – until then gay couples can help take care of surplus offspring and advance society while all the breeders are weighed down with propagating the species.







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  1. kc Avatar

    I for one wouldn’t want to breed homosexuality out of the gene pool, though it would be fun to blow some Bible-thumpers’ minds with that theory.

    Of course they don’t believe in natural selection anyway . . .

  2. Craig OJ Avatar
    Craig OJ

    That is definitely a new approach on the whole “who blames who” for gays.

    You say you cannot see how your method for explaining male homosexuality amongst mammals can be applied to females amongst the pack – however, run with me on my theory:

    Nobody quite knows (and there have been many in-depth studies) the real psychological reasons as to why straight males enjoy seeing 2 or more sexy lesbians in the throws of passion (perhaps, dildoing one another, or lubing up and stroking their sensual bodies under moonlight, or even just simple rug-munching), but lets say that this can be traced as far back as our Neanderthalic relatives.

    Whilst the dominating male gets ‘dibs’ on the best pussy amongst the group, the remaing cavemen have to either take what they can get (probably the female that has had a dozen kids) or have to make do by finding a deserted cave and masturbating over thoughts of the hot girl with the least facial hair, wearing her sexy leopardskin leotard.

    Now, lets face it, these males are going to be pretty disheartened by the lack of “real action” that they’re getting and everyone knows that with low morale comes low performance (poor hunting, cave paintings that dont stay in the lines, etc). This may even lead to some males challenging the dominant male for his place – never good for business.

    Well lets throw a couple of lesbians into the mix and we now see that this entertainment is bound to cheer up the sub-males and therefore raise their morale (amongst other things LOL OMG LOL OMG LMAO) and increase the amount of food that they bring from hunting etc.

    So basically, i’m suggesting that lesbianism was created as a form of entertainment to ensure that the pack had hearty foragers and generally create a stronger pack. I know its a very long-shot but i’m just following your own 100-mile shot.

    What does everyone else think?

  3. Andy Avatar

    The reason straight men like lesbians is because they like fake lesbians. They are a straight man’s idea of what women-loving-women is i.e. ‘They’ll realize they need a big hard cock eventually and I’ll be there to give it.’ Real lesbians want no such thing.

    Much so-called lesbian porn is really just straight porn with girl-on-girl action catering to a straight male’s idea of what women do when they are together.

  4. David Avatar

    I have a friend who theorized that homosexuality was just a natural form of population control. As a species started getting too over populated the homosexual (male and female) population would grow and limit the number of new off springs.

    You could kind of use that in conjunction with what you said about the genetic aspect to explain both male and female homosexuals…

  5. L.Sayer Avatar

    David, your friend makes and interesting and thought provoking point.

    Can you imagine what would happen if 50 gays of both sexes were stranded on a desert island (like of like Lost, but a LOT gayer)?

    Would they overcome their sexual dispositions and consumate with members of the opposite sex in order for the continuation of the species, or would the stick to their guns and slowly die off?

    As gays and lesbiens are known enemies there would be an element of danger involved, but isn’t the risk worth it for the chance to raise a new generation?

    And what about the children? How would they be raised? Would they be subjugated by some form of homo militia into same sex love or would they be free to follow their own path?

    Can you imagine life on that island? What would you do? Personally i’d stick to the meatpipes, as my boyfriends a know felon and would probably kill me.

  6. D. van Dyke Avatar
    D. van Dyke

    This reminds me of that old joke that God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!!!! I hear that a lot down the working mens club.

    For what its worth, if my brother was gay (he isn’t as he has banged up quite a few chicks!!) then he would still be my brother but just a gay brother. I wouldn’t hate him it would just seem weird that as I was trying to score with some chicks, he’d be checking out the tails on all the fellas!!! Sweet mother of God, if my dad found out he’d shoot him with ‘Old Percy’, his shotgun he keeps by the side of the bed.

    I’m intrigued by what L Sayer has mentioned about this ‘gay island’, i wonder if Sandals would send couples there to holiday???? If L Sayer’s boyfriend killed him, it would surely allow the boyfriend to ‘bone’ a few other fellas on that island but would there be a Police officer there as well – imagine how popular a fella in uniform would be!!!!

    You can’t make it up.


  7. Officer Brie Avatar
    Officer Brie

    Did someone call for the wank police?

  8. L.Sayer Avatar

    But if this hypothetical policeman was chasing my boyfriend as you say, wouldn’t we want to be caught? What would he do with him?

    Anyway, it would never happen, as the number one rule in the gay community is ‘never kill another gay’, which is funny in a way, as my favorite bond film is ‘Die another day’. A coincedence? I think not.

  9. D. van Dyke Avatar
    D. van Dyke

    If your boyfriend got caught I suppose he would be frisked, handcuffed then sent down (if you know what I mean!!).

    Speaking of Bond themes, my favourite Bond film is ‘The Man With The Golden Gun ‘ but this could be changed for a gay theme with ‘The Man With The Golden Cum’. I wonder if this is available at my local Blockbuster?

    Laters Peeps.

  10. Andy Avatar

    “the number one rule in the gay community is ‘never kill another gay’,”

    The number one rule isn’t about revenge, it’s about shoes.

    “wouldn’t hate him it would just seem weird that as I was trying to score with some chicks, he’d be checking out the tails on all the fellas!!!”

    Actually you’d probably score chicks because women let their guard down with gay men because there’s less pressure.

    “Would they overcome their sexual dispositions and consumate with members of the opposite sex in order for the continuation of the species”

    That does assume that everyone is 100% one way or the other. Most folks are partially bisexual so self-described gays and lesbians having sex for the benefit of the species isn’t really an obstacle.

  11. L.Sayer Avatar

    I like the cut of your jib, Mr Matic and i see now that i was perhaps a little hasty i constructing cast iron roles for my little island playmates.

    You say that most folks are partially bisexual anyway – do you think this is so that when the conditions demand it (ie when the population becomes to large) something will be triggered deep withing us to perhaps switch over and ‘get on the other bus’?

    If so then as the earth fills up, perhaps the time is near at hand and all across the land men are waking up and seeing things in a (softer, maybe slightly pink) new light.

    If so the i would recommend investing heavily in Vasaline and any company that manufactures anal beads.

  12. Andy Avatar

    I’m sure Halliburton is already on it.

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