Cook County Board Embroiled in ‘Sodomy Games' Resolution

The Cook County Board voted unanimously in support of the Gay Games – thanking sponsors Harris Bank and Kraft foods. Then the Illinois Family Institute – why is it always something with FAMILY in the title – got wind of it and convinced the Republican members of the Board to withdraw their names from the resolution. Then it gets better – a donor gives one of the Board membes $5,000 and the guy changes his song the next day. What an asshole. Says he:

I never really supported the resolution (THAT I VOTED FOR AND THAT PASSED UNANIMOUSLY) to begin with. I have always been supportive of family values, which does not include the gay and lesbian agenda (THAT I VOTED FOR AND THAT PASSED UNANIMOUSLY).

Do you know what the agenda of the gay games is? For a guy to play sports and not be shouted down as a ‘faggot’ and for a woman to play sports and not be degraded as a ‘bulldyke’. That’s about what it boils down to. Oh, and men’s sychronized swimming.

Selfish Hedonist as the details…



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  1. Lisa Avatar

    As if gays and lesbians have no family values. My first instinct is to tell this guy to pull his head out, but on second thought……’s right where it should be.

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