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  • Super Bowl Halftime

    Tell me that wasn’t a giant white guitar-penis penetrating a pulsating vaginal heart.

  • Tim Hardaway Doesn't Like Gay People

    Nice: You know, I hate gay people, so I let it be known. I don’t like gay people and I don’t like to be around gay people. I’m homophobic. I don’t like it. It shouldn’t be in the world or in the United States. And if there was an out player on his team: If […]

  • World Series Ain't Global

    St. Louis Cardinals. You aren’t world champions. The World Series ain’t global. You’re kidding yourselves. Now maybe if they win the World Cup of Baseball (2005 winners: Cuba) or World Baseball Classic (2005 winners: Japan) they might be truly world champions.

  • Air Force Football Coach: Blacks Just Run Faster

    Ugh: Air Force coach Fisher DeBerry, expressing frustration Tuesday with the Falcon’s slumping performance, attributed the latest loss in part to No. 20 TCU’s having more black players who "can run very, very well." Update: It is football, not basketball. Update: Pundit on CNN: He’s a family man. He goes to church. Christians can be […]

  • Cook County Board Embroiled in ‘Sodomy Games' Resolution

    The Cook County Board voted unanimously in support of the Gay Games – thanking sponsors Harris Bank and Kraft foods. Then the Illinois Family Institute – why is it always something with FAMILY in the title – got wind of it and convinced the Republican members of the Board to withdraw their names from the […]

  • Mark McGwire's Crocodile Tears

    Did anyone see this crap? Steroids are bad, mm’kay! He played the gay card, too! I’ll do anything for the children! What about the children and families! I’ll do anything but tell the truth. What a wuss. Orphans! Kids homes! ‘Heed the call!’ Task forces! Army service! Courage soldiers! Mom! Apple pie! Lou Gehrig’s Disease! […]

  • House Resolution 854: Great job Sox.

    Thank God we spent time in the House and Senate on a bill to congratulate the Red Sox. Now if only we could get those 9-11 intelligence reforms passsed. Idiots. That’s like passing a bill to congratulate the cast of Friends.

  • Artest Flap

    Some guy on CNN just endorsed: If someone hits you with an object, you should go and beat the hell out of them. That’s the spirit of American sportsmanship. Don’t make me hit you. Why do you make me hate you so much? He/they/Saddam started it.

  • 2004 Olympics Favorite Moments

    (from Wednesday) Yep, I think he should give the medal back. Didn’t you seem him fall flat on his ass? Probably that skull that’s too big for his facial features. And is it just me or does he talk like a little kid. Granted, he could kick my ass on the pommel horse anyday. My […]