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  • Facetiousist

    Last night before slumber I made some sarcastic remark and Ron came up with a new malaprop: Are you being physicist? Our current favorite is from reality show skank talking about how alcohol helps her lower her prohibitions.

  • Ron is Just Fine

    Ron is home and on occupational leave (I told him that sitting home and getting paid for it is the equivalent of the American Dream). He’ll have to be certified by a doctor to be put back into service. A slight limp and I’m yelling at him every time he walks or gets up. The…

  • 'It's Linux, B-tch!'

    Ron and I were talking about the reactions people have when we pull out our Asus EEE PCs. He said that flight attendants always ask about it and whether it is Mac or Windows. Ron said he always wants to say: ‘It’s Linux, bitch.’ Like ‘real people’ know what Linux is. Which is a simultaneous…

  • Bacon Call

    Ron: I’m making salmon and tilpia. Andy: Yes? Ron: Yes. I’m making feast. Andy: You’re making a feast. Ron: No. I’m making feast. … Andy: Why aren’t you going with me to Vegas? Ron: I have to work. I can’t always be at your bacon call.

  • Happy Birthday Honey

    Some years ago today, a special guy was born and it is really stupendous that we get to have birthday lunch with his dad (and brother from Milwaukee) who has been visiting the States in the past several weeks.

  • Funeral Rites in the Phillippines

    Wow. This totally out does our family funeral habits: (granted, this is the reporting of one inteviewee) Rosary sessions are held each night for thirty days to aid the deceased in getting to heaven. … For up to a year and often beyond, men will wear a black ribbon and women will dress in black…

  • Filipinos, Tagalog and Anger

    A little Googling: (this is a meta-study of other studies and probably applies mostly to direct immigrants and/or first generation) Filipinos put a premium on peace. They avoid conflict whenever possible and when it exists they try to settle it in a non­confrontational way. … The American rates ‘integrity’ (defined as ‘let your speech express…

  • Kill Mummy

    Ron was reading a magazine when the cat pawed at his leg for attention. Ron: (in a British accent) What’s that kitty… kill mummy? I about busted a gut laughing. This is a reference to the Simpsons episode ‘The Ziff Who Came to Dinner’ where Lenny has had a gig in a horror movie called…

  • Midnight Tribute

    Anna Nicole rings at midnight.

  • Night Terrors

    I was having a dream last night that I was watching a film’s credits and if a certain name came up I’d be killed or something awful would happen. It was one of those dreams where you can’t scream so you take a deep breath and push and try to make some sound – any…