Kill Mummy

Ron was reading a magazine when the cat pawed at his leg for attention.

Ron: (in a British accent) What’s that kitty… kill mummy?

I about busted a gut laughing. This is a reference to the Simpsons episode ‘The Ziff Who Came to Dinner’ where Lenny has had a gig in a horror movie called The Re-Deadening (a spoof of Village of the Damned) where little Baby Button Eyes is a possed doll on a murderous rampage. Homer has taken Rod and Todd to see the movie and a demonic little girl sits in a rocker with the demonic little doll with buttons for eyes…

You want me to kill mummy? But mummy is ever so kind… What? You’re buttons came from the trousers of a psychotic killer…? Then I have no choice.

Here is a YouTube video that picks up right after the Kill mummy line.

Try it with your cat or dog. Look at them and say: Wot’s that? You want me to kill mummy?

Ron is funny when he does British accent. He’s much better at that then when he tries to do a Southern American accent a la Sordid Lives: She’s gotten so big. (You could move in!) I heard they had to reinfoce that stool with lugnuts.She says it’s glandular. And Ron can’t say lugnuts with that strong twang ‘ugh’ sound so it comes out as lognots.

To look at my cat’s unaware face and consider that he thinks of nothing but murder all day makes me laugh.



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