Ron is Just Fine

Ron is home and on occupational leave (I told him that sitting home and getting paid for it is the equivalent of the American Dream). He’ll have to be certified by a doctor to be put back into service. A slight limp and I’m yelling at him every time he walks or gets up.

The woman that cracked her head open was a passenger, not an attendant. Ron said there was blood everywhere mixed with the spilled coffee and he could see her skull. She was rushed into emergency surgery after going into shock in the ambulance. Ron is compulsively cleaning to keep from hearing her screams. Hopefully the new vacuum that arrived yesterday can help mask that nightmare.






2 responses to “Ron is Just Fine”

  1. Danny O'Bryan Avatar
    Danny O’Bryan

    The American Dream-Put the Uppostered furniture on the porch and start the still……Is He now a house boy??

  2. beastmomma Avatar

    I am glad to hear that he is feeling better. I hope that the nightmares stop soon.

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