Filipinos, Tagalog and Anger

A little Googling: (this is a meta-study of other studies and probably applies mostly to direct immigrants and/or first generation)

Filipinos put a premium on peace. They avoid conflict whenever possible and when it exists they try to settle it in a non­confrontational way.

The American rates ‘integrity’ (defined as ‘let your speech express your mind exactly’) higher than interpersonal tranquility, whereas the Filipino sees no reason why conflict should be courted when silence or soft speech will preserve the peace.

To outer­in­group or out­group members, some of the reasons given why Filipinos delay or withhold the expression of anger are as follows: 1.To preserve one’s impeccable image or mukha.

People know when someone is angry if the person is more quiet than usual, ignores one or gives a cold shoulder, and when asked answers in a very formal, polite manner.






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