Another Gay MOvie

The good news about Another Gay Movie is it is much much better than you think it is going to be. Four guys graduate high school and decide that they have to lose their virginity before college – yes that virginity. Refreshing is the complete lack of weirdness about homosexual themes – a movie where the parents give more advice and are wilder than the kids.

I’d read a few interviews with the cast and director and they’d mentioned that this really harkens back to the gross-out motifs of John Waters. And that is true. Before we had Dumb Straight Guy Gross-out Humor we had Gay Gross-Out. Long before South Park made poo dance and the Farrelly brothers used pearl jam as pomade, Waters had already traipsed these trails with much more disgusting and lacivious and perverted fare. I don’t know if that makes it a ‘gay thing’ – I think anybody could have been this disgusting early on. But I guess it is part of queer cinema’s heritage.

But Another Gay Movie shells out tons of jokes and many of them are good – some are groaners and there’s lots of gross-outs. LOTS. Usually a movie like American Pie will have one or two scenes that you’d talk about – this has over a dozen. Carrots, quiches, strippers, penis pumps, butt cheek pads, gloryholes, Carrie, defibrilators, vomit, slings, plugs, Crisco and a glass table (oh dear God). Every bodily fuild, bodily function and perversion is quickly highlighted, pumped for laughs and discarded for the next laugh. And the sound designers make great use of slurpy, gurgly, juicy sound effects.

There’s cameos from Ant, Matthew Rush, Graham Norton, Lipsynca and others that make for little surprises throughout the film.

I liked the Muffler best. She’s the mega-butch lesbian in the high school class that bangs all the cheerleaders. She’s a bit like a Stiffler character and is brash, perverted, loud and crazy. She even has a sidekick named MiniMuff.

The movie wants to have more heart than it does – you can tell. American Pie had a nice sense of heart towards the end. This manages to drum up some of that sentimentality but it seems a bit tacked on and unneeded. Still lots of laughs, Ron and I were holding on to eachother cringeing at times and he loves this type of humor and he was nearly crying.

Worth seeing if you like gross-out comedy.







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