Giant Apes Found in Congo

Four suddenly came rushing out of the bush towards me. These guys were quiet. And they were huge. They were coming in for the kill. I was directly in front of them, and as soon as they saw my face, they stopped and disappeared.

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Gay Hoosier Taurus INFJ ex-playwright pianist gymbunny published author in San Francisco.

4 replies on “Giant Apes Found in Congo

  1. I must be really tired today. The first time I saw this headline, I thought it said “Giant Apes Found in Chicago.”

    I got a little jumpy there for a moment.

  2. These guys are huge i would not like to be charged by them. they are said to be able to kill lions ((>.<)) haha but yea right they couldnt take me down. Just remember kids launch biscuits and all your wildest dreams will come true ( saying from the best man on earth pedro"Napoleon Dynamite") _roberto

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