Act Surprised: Virginity Pledges Don’t Work

Virginity pledges, in which young people vow to abstain from sex until marriage, have little staying power among those who take them, a Harvard study has found. More than half of the adolescents who make the signed public promises give up on their pledges within a year, according to the study released last week.

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2 replies on “Act Surprised: Virginity Pledges Don’t Work

  1. He: “Oh baby. The pledge doesn’t matter. It’s me who loves you!”

    She: “Oh…baby. I do love you. What pledge?”

    9 months later, she: “ohhhhhh! Baby!”

  2. in this day and age i am not suprised to many people have sex to many young people have sex and they have kids happens all the time but just don’t and condoms that are only 97 percent effective does not mean that 97 out of 100 times they will work the company put that on there cause they don’t think anyone will acctually try to see

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