Cool URIs Don’t Change

I know that URIs are not the same as URLs but they are pretty much the same for when you are talking to most people… Just found this gem from the W3 consortium: What makes a cool URI? A cool URI is one which does not change. What sorts of URI change? URIs don’t change: […]

Numerous Countries Drop Dollar as Reserve Currency

From Reddit: In the past couple of years, the following countries have stopped using the dollar as their reserve currency or have dropped their currency’s peg against the dollar: China, Japan, Kuwait, Syria, Iran, Libya, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Switzerland, Norway and some other Scandinavian countries, Some Balkan countries, Many East European currencies.

Astro the Viking

Astro and Downy just had another schoolgirl paw-slapping fight. Again, Astro pulls back a paw and he’s got a wad of Downy fur in in his claws (don’t worry: Downy is long hair and so remains unscathed). Astro then stares down Downy and eats Downy’s fur in front of him. That is some Viking, Vlad-the-Impaler, […]

Woman Imprisoned and Starved for Four Days in Arkansas Courthouse

Terrible and awful whether it is a complete mistake or not: Adriana Torres-Flores, 38, arrested on charges of selling pirated CDs, had been ordered held by a judge because the Mexican immigrant is in the country illegally. Torres-Flores … used a shoe as a pillow to sleep in the holding cell, which had two benches, […]

Sally Kern is Stupid

Oklahoma state rep Sally Kern: According to Kern, homosexuality poses a greater danger than terrorism. Just listen to the angry and confrontational imagery laced throughout her speech. When Kern states that she is in jeopardy by just making her comments, what kind of jeopardy is she alluding to? This is fear mongering at its worst. […]