Michelle Obama's 'Bitch, Please' Look

I love Michelle Obama.

She is smart and funny and graceful. Let the record show I would rather have her be the president for her sheer practicality and unabashed authenticity. You can tell she is the one that grounds their relationship. You always feel she is just one step away from kicking ass (either physically or rhetorically) and taking names. She is so opposite the Lady MacBeth or Stepford Wife, Guenevere or Xanax’ed Smile we’re used to seeing from first ladies:

Wonkette writes about Michelle’s ‘you have to be kidding me you idiot’ look that she saves for the stupider of journalists. Or in this case, Anne Romney way back when:

Michelle, I know this look. I have given this look. This is the look that a woman gives another person when s/he’s saying something so dumb you’re afraid it might rub off. This is the “bitch, please” look. I love that you gave this look on stage, in public, to Ann Romney.

Be on the lookout for more of these brief glances where Michelle levels with us and indicates that she’s as fed up with stupid campaign coverages as everybody else is.






3 responses to “Michelle Obama's 'Bitch, Please' Look”

  1. Kim Dushinski Avatar
    Kim Dushinski

    Gee, now if only she was actually proud of our country for something else besides everyone adoring her husband, I could like her too.

  2. Chris in Columbus Avatar
    Chris in Columbus

    I love Michelle Obama too! She is incredible, and I think she’d be SO much better in her position as First Lady than putting Bill Clinton BACK in the White House!

  3. Donna Avatar

    She either has severe identity issues or she is hiding the identity she is confortable with because she knows it will not get her husband elected. This woman has a lot of envy and hate in her. Scary. I would respect her more if she was honest about it and backed her reasons why. Her covering it up just makes her look bad and dishonest.

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