Should Spitzer Resign?

They’re talking impeachment? Fucking impeaching of a state governor for seeing a sex worker? That’s as stupid as impeaching somebody for lying about a blowjob. Oh wait.

If he used tax-payer money to see the whores, then yeah that is a problem of integrity and that should be exposed. But a politican seeing a prostitute is about as common as well – a politician seeing a prostitute.

Don Lemon: How can a rising political star get caught in something so salacious?

Seeing a hooker is not salacious!







4 responses to “Should Spitzer Resign?”

  1. Joan Schramm Avatar

    He broke the law. Doesn’t matter if every politican on the planet does the same thing, in this country it’s against the law. Doesn’t matter if it’s a stupid law or not. We don’t get to pick what laws we follow and what laws we don’t.

    And if I were his wife, and he wanted me to stand next to him during that press conference, I’d tell him call one of his $5500/hour hookers and her HER to stand there, because I sure wouldn’t be doing it.

  2. Andy Avatar

    So you feel anyone that sees a prostitute is breaking the law and should lose their jobs?

  3. Joan Schramm Avatar

    Do I personally feel that way? No. I think prostitution should be decriminalized. Just like I think marijuana use should be decriminalized.

    But this isn’t about my personal beliefs. Spitzer is in a position of authority where part of his job is upholding the laws of New York. He isn’t the janitor, or the guy who comes in to mow the lawn. He isn’t even you or me. He is the highest elected official in his state, he took an oath when he was elected, and he has an obligation to his citizens to follow the laws. Even dumb ones.

    And I question the fiscal responsibility of someone who pays $5500 an hour for a prostitute, when there’s so much free stuff available.

  4. Chris in Columbus Avatar
    Chris in Columbus

    If we threw out every politician who ever broke a law we would have no government. What about traffic laws? Did Dubya always drive the speed limit and stop fully at every stop sign?

    This is stupid.

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