Back in the Saddle

(from the Thanksgiving trip – written on Satirday, November 26) It is Saturday. I didn’t put my lenses in so I can’t see much far away at the gate. Gate A15 is packed with people going… somewhere. I managed to get online to print my boarding pass in time to get in Group A. Hoping […]

The Apprentice Seasons 4, Episode 10

(from the Thanksgiving trip – written on Thursday, November 24) It is nice to know that the news here in Louisville is just as full of fear-mongering as the news in Chicago. You can’t go wrong with panicked mothers and children at risk… of something… somewhere… We are sitting here watching The Apprentice. Sometimes I […]

Bass Pro Shop in Clarksville, Indiana

(from the Thanksgiving trip – written on Thursday, November 24) It is Thursday night. Just grabbed most of my email. I think I’d go nuts if I had to be on dial-up all the time. I think web designers and especially graphic designers who use Flash intros to their websites should be forced to watch […]

IRS Should Investigate James Dobson for Being a Complete Asshole

Eat it, Jimmy: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) today filed an Internal Revenue Services (IRS) complaint against Focus on the Family, a conservative, non-profit organization led by its Founder and Chairman James C. Dobson. The complaint asks for the IRS to investigate activities by the group which may violate IRS regulations and […]

5 Facts About Al Jazeera

From the Al Jazeera journalists blog, Don’t Bomb Us: Al Jazeera was the first Arab station to ever broadcast interviews with Israeli officials. Al Jazeera has never broadcast a beheading. George W. Bush has recieved approximately 500 hours of airtime, while Bin Laden has received about 5 hours of airtime. Over 50 million people across […]

Memo: Bush Wanted to Bomb Al-Jazeera in Qatar

2001, U.S. forces destroy Al-Jazeera offices in Kabul. Said it was an accident. 2003, U.S. forces destroy Al-Jazeera offices in Baghdad (eyewitness). Said it was an accident. 2004, George W. Bush talks about U.S. forces destroying Al-Jazeera offices in Qatar. 2005, A memo is leaked to the press about what Bush said. Said it was […]