UK Airports Used in CIA Kidnappings and Torture

Times Online:

Eleven police forces were today threatened with legal action if they fail to investigate allegations that UK airports are being used as secret stop-overs by CIA jets transferring terror suspects to torture camps.







2 responses to “UK Airports Used in CIA Kidnappings and Torture”

  1. JB Avatar

    It took me *ages* to find this on that lovely mouthpiece of our idiotic goverment, the BBC, it was so well-hidden.

  2. Christopher Avatar

    With folks like NEIL LIVINGSTONE going on PBS and saying in effect, that it is ok to torture people (what kind of sick and twisted mind this guy has), and actually trying to justify it, makes me really wonder if there is any way our country can tread water in the cess-pool that we have created for ourselves in Washington. It is simply mind boggling.

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