Bass Pro Shop in Clarksville, Indiana

(from the Thanksgiving trip – written on Thursday, November 24)

It is Thursday night. Just grabbed most of my email. I think I’d go nuts if I had to be on dial-up all the time. I think web designers and especially graphic designers who use Flash intros to their websites should be forced to watch their sites load on dial-up.

Dad and I went to a store this morning called Bass Pro Shop. It takes up most of the old River Falls Mall and is a temple of camouflage. If you want it in camouflage – they’ve got it. The megastore has sections of hunting, fishing, guns, archery, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, duck blinds, deer stands – all in a faux environment of taxidermed wildlife and a pretty nice aquarium. The only drawback is when you do an aquarium of the Ohio River, all of the fish aren’t very colorful – a bit drab. It is a strange dip into a culture I am definitely not a part of. They even converted the old miniature golf course into a shooting range where you have little animals pop-up and get to shoot them with guns outfitted with infrared.

The more I think about hunting the more I find a strange disconnect. If you hunt because you truly appreciate nature then why do you need to shoot something? Can’t you use the same skill of aiming and fetish of hardware with wildlife photography? I understand the age-old urge to hunt for food. It just seems strange to me to have to lord dominion over wildlife by killing it. Eh – I see both ways.






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