The Apprentice Seasons 4, Episode 10

(from the Thanksgiving trip – written on Thursday, November 24)

It is nice to know that the news here in Louisville is just as full of fear-mongering as the news in Chicago. You can’t go wrong with panicked mothers and children at risk… of something… somewhere…

We are sitting here watching The Apprentice. Sometimes I worry that people really think this is how business works. They edit out the sheer boredom that happens in all businesses and you don’t get to blame the project manager every time something breaks down or doesn’t happen. Dad is asleep in the chair, mom is here asleep on the couch next to me. My sister is sitting in the other chair. I like these recap episodes they do – maybe they should just have recaps for all TV shows. Where each episodes is the length of a commercial and you watch a whole season in one hour.







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