Fettered Access

Alright, Bush-fans – I can’t figure it out – help me. Why are there all of these negotiations with what the 9/11 commission will and will not see? Why all the conditions? Why the stonewalling? Bush will not testify publicly or under oath: Why in the hell would you not want someone to testify under […]


I’m back from San Diego. Ron and I stumbled off the plane at 4 this morning – love that red-eye! Tons to report and write and looks like my readers have had some lively debates… cool! Further bulletins on the way…

U.S. Aid to Israel

$6 billion a year. Does this make our hands dirty as well? Under the Arms Export Control Act the U.S. can only supply weapons that are used “for legitimate self defense”. The US Foreign Assistance Act prohibits military assistance to any country “which engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human […]

Inappropriate Cabaret

Brigitte told a yarn about going to see Elaine Stritch and she’s commenting on cabaret singers singing songs that are way too old for them. Elaine: I don’t get it with women in their mid-30s singing ‘I’m Still Here.’ Where have you been? This led to a riff on other inappropriate songs suchs as an […]

American Idol Dream

I took a long nap after taking Brigitte to lunch at The Grand Lux Cafe for her birthday. I had a dream that we were both involved somehow with American Idol – we weren’t competing – but because we were helping out somehow we both got to sing a song on the show. I had […]