Betty Ong's 9-11 Phone Call

On September 11th, Betty Ong, a flight attendant on Flight #11, placed a phone call.

I’m #3 on Flight 11. The cockpit is not answering their phone. Somebody’s been stabbed in business class. Our first class galley flight attendant and purser have been stabbed.

The Memory Hole has the


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  1. Jay Avatar

    hello mr a and welcome back! i’m glad for this link you just posted. back in january there were news about ms ong and what a remarkable witness she was to the tragedy that befell her, the passengers in her care and the rest of the crew. interesting that at the same time a chilling second-by-second account of the columbia shuttle’s final minutes was also hitting the shelves.

    Very very sad audio.

  2. Andy Avatar

    I guess what moves me is the total rawness of the account. There’s no ‘framing’ of heroism or a narrative. Just: Something is happening. Please help me.

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