American Idol Dream

I took a long nap after taking Brigitte to lunch at The Grand Lux Cafe for her birthday. I had a dream that we were both involved somehow with American Idol – we weren’t competing – but because we were helping out somehow we both got to sing a song on the show. I had one of those stagefright anxiety dreams.

I was downstairs trying to get my wits together – I think my song was ‘I Love Rock and Roll’ – of course I couldn’t remember it and my throat was already swelling with tension from the nerves. Seacrest was in the basement yelling through the ceiling at the bartender to tell some roadie at the bar to stop kicking the bar causing a thumping sound for all of us in the basement.

Brigitte or I were going to go first but chickened out. This other girl went and then I was supposed to go next. I woke up before I did though.

Good ol’ stagefright.






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