Fettered Access

Alright, Bush-fans – I can’t figure it out – help me. Why are there all of these negotiations with what the 9/11 commission will and will not see? Why all the conditions? Why the stonewalling?

Bush will not testify publicly or under oath: Why in the hell would you not want someone to testify under anything but an oath? Bill Clinton gets his dick sucked by an intern and lies about it and is videotaped for the entire world to hear but Bush remains in his cozy Oval room and deigns to an hour of testimony, privately, before the commission. It also guarantees that Bush will not have to testify by his lonesome and let slip something he’s not supposed to say: Cheney will be there right next to him to assist in the puppetry.

I think that a big fear is that the Bush Family’s connections to the Saudis as well as their connection to Al Queda will be revealed. Second to that, the news that Bush was so obsessed with getting his hands on Iraq he totally ignored the reports of the Clinton administration.

I just don’t understand, at all, the adversarial relationship of the White House and the investigating commission. Bush cannot call himself tough on terror when he stonewalled and assisted in delaying an investigation of 9/11 for two fucking years!

The huge tragedy of this is the less transparent the investigation is – the more obstacles and the more excisions then the commissions report will become another document as useless as the Warren Commission Report for the JFK assassination. Every condition or hidden document or removed piece of information feeds a burgeoning conspiracy theory that will mire these events in mud for the rest of our lives.

The fact that Bush is serving up Rice shows that the administration realizes they are losing popularity fast (seems ever since Bush showed off his amazing lack of speaking skills on Meet the Press). It is so strange to see the White House respond to public opinion for once.

The reluctance of Condi Rice to face the music – publicly and under oath – while spreading herself all over television – is revolting and a slap in the face to the victims’s families. For her to hide behind some non-existent precedent is stupid. I want all of them: Rumsfeld, Cheney and Daddy’s Boy himself on the fucking hotseat being recorded under oath, on television. This is the biggest intelligence failure since Pearl Harbor and no one – except for Clarke has stood up to say: “I screwed up and I’m sorry.”

I used to think Condoleeza was a class act (even if she had an oil tanker named after her) but now it seems she just as soaked in shit as the rest of them.






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  1. Christian Avatar

    First of all, I’d like to point out that Saint Richard Clarke (who’s not in it for the money. Riiiight.) himself used the same excuse to not appear before a Senate Special Committee in 1999, regarding Y2K threats.

    Second, I don’t think ANY president would want to testify in this situation. This is simply because no matter what he says, the very fact that he’s sitting there is fodder for attacks from the opposition. It’d be a crucifixion, regardless of what he said.

    Third, your posting claims that the Bush administration doesn’t often respond to public opinion. I’d argue that public opinion at any given moment is not necessarily what the loudest voices are shouting – those who feel things are going as they should are much less likely to scream and fight for the spotlight. In fact, your statement that the administration is ‘losing popularity fast’ could be refuted by several polls in the last week (though I am not much a fan or follower of polls).

    I guess I woke up argumentative today. 🙂

    Re: Clarke’s book – I’d really like to know who made the ultimate decision for a publication date. He could’ve done so much better ethically if he published after the hearings. Though it seems he’ll be pilloried regardless.

  2. Matthew Avatar

    I commend you on your post. I do have to say that it is great to live in a country where we have the freedom to voice our opinions.

  3. flounder Avatar

    As I said before, this whole 9-11 hearing is a complete waste of time. I’m sure we’ll see even more political grandstanding next week when Condi testifies. If liberals thought this would hurt Bush in his re-election campaign, they are wrong if the polls are to be believed.

    Look, the bottom line is neither Bush or Clinton are responsible for 9-11, Al-Quaeda is responsible. Richard Clarke apologized to the victim’s families as personally failing them, yet has spent the past couple of weeks blaming everyone else BUT himself. He is nothing more than an opportunist liar who has exploited a national tragedy for his own benefit.

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