New Heroes

Can I just list my newest crop of heroes: Scott Ritter, Greg Palast, Karen Kwiatowski and John Stauber. All four are bad-asses putting their reputations on the line to expose the truth behind corporate and government propaganda and scandal.

Jeepers Creepers 2

Rented Jeepers Creepers 2 last night. I thought that it was sort of surprising that the script mentions one character as possible homosexual – his nickname is Izzy – short for ‘Is He (or Isn’t He)’ and that might be a slight tip of the assumed maturity of the audience to accept questioning sexuality as […]

Whitewashing Libya

Fifteen years ago, Susan Cohen’s daughter was killed in the Lockerbie aiplane bombing which was supported by the newly re-Christened dictator Qaddafi. The movements to lift sanctions and bring him back into the world oil game has her cutting to the chase: (on Democracy Now) We are giving up a possible $6 million [in a […]


I’d read the phrase ‘my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’ in Time magazine and then somewhere online and figured I should learn where it comes from (I don’t listen to the radio anymore). It’s from ‘Milkshake’ on Kelis’s new album Tasty. It’s another one of those songs that has such a great […]