Back to Blue-Collar?

Andy: I intimated to him that if I was gonna be on the chopping block anytime
soon to let me know ASAP. ‘Welcome to the Gap – are you looking for a certain
Co-worker: you are funny

Andy: ‘You’re in theatre 11 – up the staris and to your right’
Andy: I never did get my Subway sandwich certification
when i worked there.
Andy: I quit with 10 hours to go.
Co-worker: you are HILARIOUS

Andy: I could pimp.
Co-worker: i say try out for Second City!
Co-worker: you funny

Andy: I could sell drugs – since I think it’s stupid to do them the supply would
be totally safe.
Co-worker: hee hee
Andy: I know – my beau has a friend in chemistry
– we could start a crystal meth factory!
Andy: okay okay – I’ll leave you alone.

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Gay Hoosier Taurus INFJ ex-playwright pianist gymbunny published author in San Francisco.

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  1. Hi Andy

    comments don’t seem to be working on the current post about ephedra…. wasn’t it used by those fighter pilots in the gulf that mistakenly blew up a convoy of coalition troops/civilians? maybe that has something to do with the ban. But you’re right, the ban is stupid

    I think that in that case those were actual amphetamines – pharmaceutical grade.

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