U. S. Gov't Bans Ephedra

I’m sure the DEA wants nothing more than another stupid substance to track and have to prosecute. Ephedra has been banned for sale in Illinois for many months now but was still available by mail order – now that is being quashed with a country-wide ban on the popular work-out supplement. I love ephedra – it’s a great kick to add if you’re doing cardio with a workout. I understand that if you take too much of it that it can make you more than a little jumpy and also elevate your heart rate and blood pressure. The deaths that have been attributed to ephedra are largely obese atheletes who are exercising too intensely in extreme heat – people not listening to the cues from their own bodies as it responds with agitation, palpitation and headaches. It’s an herb that used to be brewed into tea for crissakes.

Tweaked out South Park characterWe are a stimulant society. We chainsmoke our way to Starbucks, wolfing down a Twinkie and bitching about how slow people are moving. We pipe constant music and media input into our senses lest we have a spare moment in our waking hours of not being entertained. Every thing is an extreme sport.

Ephedra is effective for leaning out during a fat-loss workout and is just another tool – it can be used and abused. The supplement industry has been anticipating this move for a while now and has already started hawking a whole new arsenal of fat-burners. Like Yohimbe – which I found I’m allergic too – every time I take it I’m not just peppy but downright irritable and my nose runs like I’ve inhaled ragweed.

It just seems like a big waste to spend money and effort to regulate something that, if used as directed, really isn’t a health risk. Just because coaches let their already over-caffeinated athletes exercise in 100 degree summer heat with no hydration doesn’t mean I should be banned from taking one tablet before I climb on to the elliptical trainer in shorts and a shirt in an air conditioned gym.






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  1. Pinkgemz Avatar

    i totally agree.. i have no idea how in the hell im going to get thru my days anymore. I know that if taken safely , it is effective, and i have lost more than 60 lbs. I have no had any side effects.. some people may have.,., but whos to say that they werent doing 30 other drugs right along with the ephdra they were taking. if you take into observation as i have, and im sure you have as well… i havent seen anyhting other than “they died due to ephdra” on the headlines, with these athlete stories. Has anyone really taken the time to do further investigations into what else was going on in their lives? I dont think that the government realizes how many people are really going to go bolistic and insane without it. They can say they have alternatives, etc etc etc, i dont want the ephdra free shit. Myself, just like you, love the what i like to call vitamin, and will not let it go. I propose they figure out a way to keep it.

    I’m 5 feet and was once extremely over weight; we are talking 100 plus pounds. Anyway, I lost a lot of the weight through diet and exercise on my own and with the help of some diet drugs from my doctor. Then it stopped and it has been a struggle ever since. I exercise like crazy, hours and hours a day — nothing. Of course I was healthy but I needed more.

    Ephedra works for me.

    I never abused it ever, don’t smoke, rarely drink, and use no other drugs. The government has NO RIGHT to do this. In fact, besides having more energy, I even breather better. I currently weight 123 pounds and I get lighter each day. If anybody can think of an alternative herb or a way to get Ephedra I’d love to know!

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