Jeepers Creepers 2

Rented Jeepers Creepers 2 last night. I thought that it was sort of surprising that the script mentions one character as possible homosexual – his nickname is Izzy – short for ‘Is He (or Isn’t He)’ and that might be a slight tip of the assumed maturity of the audience to accept questioning sexuality as a minor plot-point. Plus, the movie had more than a couple shots of smooth, shirtless, hunky football players – but I didn’t think too much of it. At first glance the story of a busload of teenagers being picked off by a monster seemed to maybe, just maybe, echo a commentary on racism as a white and black footballer argue it out. Started poking around online and found a few readings of the film as depicting a ‘gay panic’ – that the Creeper, a winged monster in a black hat and overcoat, represents an older predatory man violating innocents and the guys are trying to figure out who is who. The Creeper winking at each victim and licking the bus’s back door should have tipped me off. Another reviewer notes that for all the beefcake in the movie that the cheerleaders don’t manage to get their clothes off – not like the gaggle of boys sunbathing in their jeans on top of the bus – for a teen horror movie there’s a dearth of titties. Then I read that the director of the film had served over half a three-year sentence for videotaping himself having oral sex with a 12 year old boy (the movie opens with a young boy being snatched up and taken away by the Creeper). I liked the film’s visual quality and the scene where the Creeper just stands outside the bus and stares at the kids is really chilling for it’s length – there’s no suspense and no surprise – just a long series of holding shots on the fanged beastie. Talk about working it all out in your art!






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  1. Donna Avatar

    I don’t care if he is or he isn’t…my chances of doing or being done by him are between nil and nadda, but day-um, that’s a sweet lookin’ hunka man.