I’m 28 Today.

I downloaded my first movie and watched it – totally subverting the Hollywood machine. I logged on to Kazaa and was shocked to find a copy of Phone Booth ready for download in MPEG format, split into two parts. The picture quality was alright and the image was pretty small – the audio was nothing […]

Roe Roe Roe Your Boat

And of course there’s the age old debate of is the death of a pregnant woman double-homicide? This is such a perfectly emotionally charged issue for both sides of the abortion debate – if Laci Peterson’s murder was a double homicide then what separates the killing of her unborn child from abortion (note that intent […]

Honorable Discharge

The sign at Manhole for this week is ‘Make sure your discharge is honorable.’ I love the slogans they have each week (they’re motto is: ‘Women and children last.’). My favorite still remains: ‘Tomorrow’s forecast: 9 inches’. Ron is in San Francisco visiting Gilbert so I went out by myself. I get so much more […]

Shelf Life

Been awhile since I wrote – I’m writing this at the coffeeshop. Just met a guy who is an opera tenor – I was surpised to see him reading an opera score – he looks like Carl Lewis, tall built black guy – I figure he was a dancer or something because of his poise. […]