Shelf Life

Been awhile since I wrote – I’m writing this at the coffeeshop. Just met a guy who is an opera tenor – I was surpised to see him reading an opera score – he looks like Carl Lewis, tall built black guy – I figure he was a dancer or something because of his poise. Makes sense.

Ron’s been at home in Wisconsin for a while to visit with his mom. I miss him, but I do think it’s good for us to have interruptions in our proximity. He’s officially unemployed now and seems to still be in the denial phase that he’ll have to get a job or do something. I am trying to let go of the need to be right and tell him what to do but I just keep thinking – what if we were sharing a house or had kids? What would be doing then?

I am officially out of corporate America on Thursday. I’m actually getting a going away lunch – I was surpised. When I left finance a few years ago I learned on maxim: Never be the last to leave. Everyone else got lavish going away lunches and such and by the time I left there was no one to throw me a party. I’m not too ate up about starving yet. They do want to bring me on as a contractor but I told them at least not for the first month. And the rate they quoted me for contract work was half of what I was expecting. It’s hard for me to digest that knowing what they pay other consultants. I just sometimes feel like I’m still viewed as ‘the kid’ and that that keeps me cheaper in their eyes. I figure I could always do a bidding war. I should probably do some market research to have some evidence of stuff to tell them.

I finally got my shelves up. Actually shelf. I just had one and when I loaded it with books it tore the brackets out of the wall and came tumbling down. Dad sent me some mollies and I installed them. It was great because I got to buy a power drill. Set contruction with our high school plays was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me to make me have some kind of carpentry skills. I’ll probably get at least one more shelf. Went to Ikea and did recon looking for a computer desk. I’ve been using a makeshift bookcase where the screen is too low and I sit hunched over the computer in a substandard chair. Need to get a nice computer chair as well – especially if I ‘m going to be doing all of this computer work. I was coaching this week on creating a supportive home environment and I think I might get some goldfish – something living in the apartment. The ideal for me would be to have a wireless keyboard and a projector for my computer screen. I love the idea of a room as spare as a zen rock garden – where all hardware just disappears. There’s a building on State and Grand that the entire first floor and lobby is all glass an concrete. And it’s empty. I love that sense of space.

I haven’t been to any more war protests – the recent one in Chicago where 700 people go arrested just got a huge expose in the Reader about how the police arrested all of these people for no good reason – and scooping up tourists and shoppers and restaurant customers at the same time. Whether or not you agree with the war or not, no one can deny that this is a disaster in every possible sense for everybody involved.






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